Welcome to Rummage Sales Milwaukee, one of the most unusual personal web selling sights on the Internet. Unlike other rummage sale web sites Rummage Sales Milwaukee offers great flexibility to our clients. The best way to describe our services is that Rummage Sales Milwaukee actually rents you a web page that will highlight just about anything you want to sell, whether it be items or services. Rummage Sales Milwaukee reserves the right to edit the content of your sales web page.

You can rent a web page by the week, Sunday through Saturday for one low price; or for any length of time you wish. You will need to supply Rummage Sales Milwaukee with all the details including any photos and pricing and we will design your web page at no extra cost to you. All payments are due in advanced to your  web page being published on-line.

Your web page will run live on-line for the period that you have chosen and that you have pre-paid. Once your web page goes live on-line you take it from there. Rummage Sales Milwaukee DOES NOT assume any percentage of the profit, nor does Rummage Sales Milwaukee handle the transfer of any money,  you are in charge of that.

Rummage Sales Milwaukee DOES NOT assume any responsibilities other then renting you the web page; you run it yourself because it is your business.


Most rummage sales, estate sales and garage sales start on Thursday and run until Sunday, and the most common advertisements do the same. With Rummage Sales Milwaukee you can go on-line days before you actually start your physical rummage sale so that people can see your web page with all your bargains in advance.

Prospective customers can contact you by phone or email prior to your rummage sale and purchase items by viewing photos and prices on your web page; why wait until the weekend. If you have additional items you would like to add during the time your web page is running and there is room on your web page, just forward the information in an email and your web page will be updated that day. ONLY ONE UPDATE PER WEEK IS ALLOWED AT NO CHARGE! For more updates per week there will be an additional charge.

Rummage Sales Milwaukee will add a Map Quest address locator to your web page at NO EXTRA COST! Now your customers can find your sale with step-by-step directions.

With Rummage Sales Milwaukee weather will no longer have an affect on your sale because now prospective customers can order either over the phone or by your own personal email address in the comforts of their own home.

With Rummage Sales Milwaukee you can turn your rummage web page into a store front and run your rummage sale 24/7, 365 days a year because Rummage Sales Milwaukee can generate customers like no other advertising can and for $$$$ less! 

Rummage Sales Milwaukee will afford you the opportunity to establish an additional and/or alternative income as the costs of living increases everyday. Rummage Sales Milwaukee can and will make a difference in your next rummage sales or home operated business.
Rummage Sales Milwaukee

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